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Internet Space Builder 3.01

The purpose of Internet Space Builder is to create 3D objects
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Internet Space Builder is not intended for beginners and even less for people with poor spatial perception. The idea behind this software is to create 3D spaces to be shared on the Internet.
The program includes an excellent tutorial to help you take first steps. If you have used other 3D editors before, you will probably encounter no difficulty in using Internet Space Builder. This software has the classical layout with different views of the objects you are creating. You may begin to construct your 3D objects from scratch or perhaps use one of the model objects included in this software’s library. The program also includes several textures that you may apply to various surfaces that make up an object.
This software was created in 1999, and consequently it has an old look. A lot has happened in software design ever since, so if you are fond of modernity, you had better go on searching for other applications. Nevertheless, there are some good things about this oldie: it is definitely very strong and reliable. In addition, although it was designed to be compatible with Windows 95/98 and NT, it ran smoothly on Windows 7.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is stable
  • It runs on the latest Windows version


  • It is an old software
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